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【 Sauvage Eyewear 】 Designed in Paris and Tokyo, handcrafted in Japan.

獨特切角與不規則輪廓帶出深刻記憶點,Sauvage Eyewear “Republique” 光學眼鏡運用手感極佳的 Takiron 焦茶色板料為材,純正日製工法體現於每個細節。想在一眼瞬間形塑強烈個人風格,選擇它就不會出錯。

Sauvage Eyewear presents these oversized, angular “Republique” optical glasses in unique Kogecha color. Skillfully carved using traditional craftsmanship, incorporating high-density Takiron acetate for a sophisticated outline, this ultra bold and versatile pair creates an artistic and tasteful look effortlessly.


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