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【 Sauvage Eyewear 】 🇯🇵 🇫🇷 Designed in Paris and Tokyo, handcrafted in Japan.

擁有日法血統的 Sauvage Eyewear 著眼於經典不過時的雋永設計。這款 “Le Samourai” 大尺寸眉型鏡框以漆黑色 Takiron 板料為材,並運用客製化純鈦五金增添細節質感,搭配別樹一幟的深酒紅色鏡片完美形塑時髦造型。

As seen on: 攝影師/模特兒/珠寶設計師 Wataru Bob Shimosato

Updating its iconic browline silhouette with meticulously handmade details, including the Titanium parts/finishes, Sauvage Eyewear presents this “Le Samourai” glasses in Black/Red.

The rich, high-density Takiron acetate goes perfectly well with the dark burgundy lenses. This pair will imbue your everyday edits with a suave accent.


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