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來自丹麥的 Motarasu “YOKO” 茶具組

從去年底開始籌備的丹麥家飾選物正式上線 🎉


YOKO茶具組:茶壺/茶海/茶杯 可分別選購




Danish design homeware and décor carefully and humbly selected by yours truly🫶🏻

YOKO Tea Set by Motarasu is a distinct tableware collection inspired by the Dannish design duo Stilleben’s first trip to Japan. The simple, sculptural shapes challenge the porcelain’s material: it should be sharp, yet the material is soft. The teapot is the centerpiece of the collection, and the mug and little pitcher add a ceremonial feeling to the set.

YOKO Tea Set includes: Tea Pot/Pitcher/Mug

About Motarasu:

Motarasu gathers Japanese and Danish designers in one brand, thereby emphasizing the common design styles and traditions. Both nations have long and proud design traditions and a lot in common when it comes to designing beautiful and functional furniture. Motarasu lives by the philosophy that people should surround themselves with beautiful, quality furniture and interior that is specially selected to bring joy.


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