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全球獨家 // MYKITA for TAIWAN “ARMSTRONG” 光學眼鏡

總是佔據銷售排行榜前幾名的位置,MYKITA “ARMSTRONG” 有著簡約經典且不挑臉型的輪廓線條,特別為亞洲臉孔配置的鏡腳長度與矽膠腳套等細節更賦予格外舒適的配戴體驗。

台灣限定配色 Black/Gold Edges 對比分明,刻意留白的框緣邊角有別於一般黑框眼鏡,塑造恰到好處的設計感。

Exclusive // MYKITA for TAIWAN “ARMSTRONG” optical glasses

Defined by a Panto shape upper line with a rounder silhouette, MYKITA introduces one of the best selling model “Armstrong” in a customized colorway which was chosen and produced only for Taiwan market. The contrast of black and gold is timeless yet refined, while the elongated temples and silicone tips offering outstanding balance and comfort.


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