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新品牌上市 // HAPTER eyewear

HAPTER 創立於義大利北部靜謐的山城貝魯諾,這裡在中世紀時曾是刀劍等冷兵器的製造重鎮,也是歐洲最早開始經歷原始工業化的地區之一。在乾淨且嚴謹的環境下,採取最先進的製造技術,致力於創造獨一無二、在精密機械與工匠技藝間取得最巧妙平衡的設計鏡框。



Founded in 2013 in the Italian secluded mountain town of Belluno, a place is locally famous for its long hot-work tradition of sword production in the ancient past, HAPER, a contemporary eyewear brand that implements state-of-the-art manufacturing methods in a clean and rigorous environment, creates sustainable eyewear through an exclusive industrial-artisanal process.

Inspired by an old pair of glacier military goggles from the 1st world war found up on the Italian Dolomite Mountains, HAPTER develops a concept of contemporary eyewear with the same passion that guide mountaineers when they seek out and explore new territories by fusing surgical stainless steel and organic rubber with patented techniques.

With the aim of extending the life cycle of the materials, HAPTER refuses the use of solvents, lubricants or glues, inventing environment-friendly technologies where the technique, ingenuity and quality of materials were placed forefront, ahead of industrial machinery.


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