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競速馳騁 - MYKITA | 032c 跨界聯名款 “ALPINE” 墨鏡系列

競速馳騁 - MYKITA | 032c 跨界聯名款 “ALPINE” 墨鏡系列

MYKITA 與同樣來自柏林的獨立媒體/前衛時裝品牌 032c 再度攜手合作,藉由最新聯名系列鏡框探索時尚與運動之間的交集


ALPINE是MYKITA | 032c的第二次聯名系列,以流線型、輕量不銹鋼材質的包裹式墨鏡為設計主軸,並使用MYKITA LESSRIM類無邊框架構,讓精細的鏡框彷若消失在弧型的鏡片中,創造無邊界感的特殊視覺效果。鏡腳設計自鏡框下緣延伸而出,呈現輕盈飄浮線條;鏡框側面利用弧面演繹猶如空氣力學的流暢造型


Internationally known for embodying the independent spirit of Berlin and attracting a global audience with their progressive approaches, MYKITA and 032c have collaborated again to explore the intersection between fashion and sports with high-tech eyewear.

ALPINE is the second edition of the MYKITA | 032c collaboration. These sleek, wraparound sunglasses are fashioned from lightweight stainless steel. The MYKITA LESSRIM construction allows the ultra-fine rims to disappear into a groove of the curved lenses. The distinctive temple design follows the bottom contour of the frame, creating flowing lines complemented by specially curved side pieces, achieving a high-speed, aerodynamic look.

The sunglass model ALPINE is available in three colourways, each with a distinct disposition – the metallic editions in Glossy Gold and Shiny Graphite are paired with Mirror Flash lenses. The Black PVD with black lenses offers a more classic, monochrome character. All models come with a special rubber sports nose pad to ensure comfort and a secure fit.


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