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🦠😷 防霧示範



❏ 正確配戴口罩


❏ 使用蔡司長效防霧噴霧組


❏ 請將眼鏡戴在對的位置


Foggy-specs has become a common issue while wearing a mask. We all want to add a layer of protection against the transmission of COVID-19, but it’s really annoying as the glasses fog up so easily and we have to constantly wipe off our glasses throughout the day.

We’re already dealing with all the unexpected pressures from pandemic, we don’t need an added frustration of foggy lenses, right? So here are our tips to fight the fog!

❏ Wear your face mask properly

It’s the easiest but also the most important step. Bend the metal strip at the top of your face mask firmly and securely, snug against your nose and cheeks. It will surely prevent mask leak and block the warm breath from misting your lenses.

❏ Try ZEISS AntiFOG Kit

The ZEISS AntiFOG Kit provides easy-to-use and cost-effective solution that keeps your lenses from fogging up for up to 72 hours.

Clean your lenses first. Moisten the cloth by pressing once or twice on the ZEISS AntiFOG spray and spread generously on both sides of lens until the surface is completely dry. The spray leaves behind a thin film on the lenses. This ensures that fine, condensed water droplets cannot adhere to the lens surface.

❏ Make sure your glasses fit well

Your glasses can hold the seal at the top of your mask- only if they fit well. Stop your glasses from slipping down your nose, they may simply need adjusting.


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