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[ 視 閾 現 象。作 者 視 角 ]

[ 視 閾 現 象。作 者 視 角 ]

Community Bulletin Board II:視 閾 現 象 (Ver. Artificial Ground)


藝術家以花藝的視角持續關注植物與有機物被冀望的樣貌,並從中探索彼此的交互關係及其背後隱含的議題。作品Community Bulletin Board II ,將人造物與植物、有機物的位置調換,並用緩慢的速度反向對應著“金錢樹”快速的製作形式。而暗示商品意涵的懸掛物組合成一巨大的裝置量體,試圖從不同的平均狀態探索資本、性別、中西方或區域文化的議題,而上頭被平均分佈的植物則是一則事件、一個資訊元,整體被與龐大的資訊欉比擬著,投射出群集世代人際網路的「社區公佈欄」。


VENUE | BELLAVITA 東側中庭 DATE | till 2018.01.28 ART INSTALLATION Hao-jhe Liao & Team STRUCTURE 伏流物件 PHOTOGRAPHY Manbo Key of im/permanence PRESENTED BY JEpoque


[ Artist's Perspective ]

Jīn-qián Shu (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) are decorated a range of lucky stuffs in Taiwan, this behavior likes tagging labels on cans, we try to make things are normalized. In the era of information explosion, internet and new technologies expedite life and information moves quickly, and we also are effected to copy and normalized everything, like atmosphere of interior, the way we think floral art should be…, all these aimlessly pursuing cohesive the accumulation of capital in nowadays.

Artist redefine forms of plants with views of florist, and try to find out the connection between human beings and plants meanwhile discuss those under issues of our society. Community Bulletin Board II slowly reverses the quickly process of Jīn-qián Shu and exchange the position of man-made objects and organic plants also. The giant structure and hanging objects which are hint to capitalism are try to explore capital, gender, east/west cultural issues from different point of views, and every single plant which was average arrange is represent an accident or a data, all the things in this works would like a huge database. be continued


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