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Alexander McQueen 大尺寸金屬圓框墨鏡

極致優雅而別具視覺層次,Alexander McQueen這款大尺寸金屬圓框墨鏡是2019早春系列LOOKBOOK中最搶眼的主打款配飾。霧黑色金屬邊框勾勒簡練摩登線條,穿環眉架設計與卯釘細節更將為日常裝扮帶來超凡脫俗的魅力。

With so much dimension and elegance, Alexander McQueen once again creates a truly eclectic but sophisticated pair of eyewear. The layered piercing brow bar and spikes stud hinge details will give a whole new meaning to your daily ensembles with otherworldly charm.


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