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Blake Kuwahara // Obata 光學眼鏡

似圓亦方,讓看似兩相矛盾的存在找到共存互補的可能。 Blake Kuwahara 新款“Obata"光學眼鏡運用獨特製鏡工藝融合兩種框型輪廓,模糊內與外、虛與實的邊界,著眼餘白曖昧之美。

Blake Kuwahara presents the “Obata”glasses from the latest collection that utilizes unique craftsmanship to fuse circular and square silhouettes in one frame. Blurring the boundaries between the interior and exterior, the ethereal and the tangible, the “Obata” glasses celebrates the beauty of ambiguity in negative space.

Made in Japan 🇯🇵⚒️


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