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Blake Kuwahara “Pei”

“Light is the key.”

呼應著貝聿銘的設計初衷:“讓光線進來,成為建築的核心”,Blake Kuwahara “Pei” 光學眼鏡以澄澈透明板料為材,運用對比分明的黑色線條呈現獨特框中框結構,捕捉光與影的流動及相對性。

Inspired by Pritzker Prize-winning architecture genius I.M. Pei’ forward-thinking yet timeless works. Blake Kuwahara’s “Pei” in crystal acetate with contrasting black rim incorporates two silhouettes within one frame. The scintillating translucent finish, the nontraditional shape, the unexpected visual tension are echoing I.M Pei’s creative vision.


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