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BLAKE KUWAHARA “Stanton” 光學眼鏡

耗時九個月以上的繁複日製工序造就每支 Blake Kuwahara 鏡框難以被忽視的優異質感。

新款 “Stanton” 光學眼鏡以輕量不鏽鋼描繪別樹一幟的框面設計,巧妙結合飛行員輪廓與經典 Panto 造型,鏡腳則以溫潤板材製成。然而最讓人著迷的則是饒富趣味的仿舊刷紋處理,在不同的光源底下得以呈現出截然不同的視覺效果。

Understated but not minimal, each Blake Kuwahara frame are handcrafted with laborious construction process that can take up to nine months or more. Fusing aviator silhouette and classic panto shape, the “Stanton” optical frame echoes the designer’s frame-within-a-frame concept, accented by anitgue-finish effect.


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