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Blake Kuwahara “Stirling”雙鏡橋墨鏡

發想自英國建築巨擘、普立茲克獎得主 James Stirling 絕不設限的革新精神,Blake Kuwahara “Stirling”以雙鏡橋設計融合內外輪廓,留下餘白負空間,增添耐人尋味的視覺層次感。框面由單片不鏽鋼製成,結合觸感溫潤的板材鏡腳,“Stirling”擁有絕佳舒適度與耐用性,也可搭配光學鏡片配戴。

Inspired by British architect and Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate James Stirling’s nonconforming vision , Blake Kuwahara presents “Stirling”, a unique frame incorporates double bridge details to create negative space in between two silhouettes.

Handcrafted from a single sheet of stainless steel, “Stirling” provides ultra comfort and functionality, giving your everyday styling an unconventional uplift.

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