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Bobby Sings Standard, 2018秋冬系列鏡框

Bobby Sings Standard,2018秋冬系列鏡框為經典造型做了最精確的詮釋。極致輕量卻堅韌的β鈦材質與板材鑲圈確保優異的舒適度與耐用性,繽紛而獨特的色彩組合別具新意,比一般日製鏡框更為寬大的輪廓線條更能凸顯與眾不同的時髦型格。

The latest collection from Bobby Sings Standard nods to retro sophistication, and we love every ounce of it: The slim yet sleek lines, the color combinations, the slightly oversized silhouettes, the ultra comfort and stability thanks to the β Titanium structures and bi-layer acetate rim. They are the kind of timeless classic pieces with a little twist that can be mixed and matched so easily and go with just about everything.


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