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BOUCHERON "Serpent Boheme" 墨鏡

Boucheron時髦圓框太陽眼鏡運用色澤通透的亮彩板材製成,在不同光源底下閃耀璀璨光芒,鏡框上緣加以點綴 “Serpent Boheme” 蛇形幾何編織金屬細節,具有永恆守護的象徵意義。

Ornamented with the iconic "Serpent Boheme" twisted chain details, these Boucheron oversized sunglasses showcase a symbol of eternity and protective spirit. The sleek rounded silhouette and glittering acetate that glows under the light are made for subtle dazzle, which will add an unconventional twist to your daily edit.


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