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Cartier “Panthère de Cartier系列”

卡地亞 “Panthère de Cartier系列”命名自創辦人Louis Cartier心中的謬思女神Jeanne Toussaint,標誌美洲豹細節不僅象徵著Jeanne Toussaint最喜歡的動物,也是她的暱稱。

融合經典元素與當代風格,讓人無法忽視的3D美洲豹頭裝飾栩栩如生,這款時髦大圓框”Panthère de Cartier”太陽眼鏡蘊含猶如Jeanne Toussaint一樣優雅而神秘的特質,得以積極爭取視線多加停留的時間。

Panthère de Cartier, the brand’s most recognized collection which created in homage to Jeanne Toussaint, the muse and colleague of Louis Cartier, is both predatory and elegant.

Knowing for her assertive personality and impeccable taste, Panthère de Cartier collection draws inspiration from Jeanne Toussaint favorite animal, “La Panthère”, the sophisticated 3D Panthère head details and precious decorations make these oversized round framed sunnides a elevated piece for you to wear time to time and effortlessly style in multiple ways.


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