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Diffuser Tokyo // 日製牛油革圓筒眼鏡盒

運用手工鞣製而成的日本牛油革,結合富有彈性的嫘縈材質,給予鏡框最全面的保護效果,來自東京的日製眼鏡配件專家 Diffuser Tokyo 新款眼鏡盒擁有輕巧易於收納、可以放置於隨身小包的體積,別具巧思的卷軸圓筒形設計更能依據鏡框大小調整尺寸(Oversized太陽眼鏡也裝得下),並利用彈性繫帶固定。




Diffuser Tokyo// Oil Leather Roll Eyewear Case

Carry your eyewear in style with these eyewear cases by Diffuser Tokyo.

Handcrafted from durable Japanese oil leather and lined with supple Japanese Rayon, these adjustable Roll Eyewear Cases will reliably protect the lenses from scratching and prevent the frames from breaking or getting bent out of shape.

Available in different colorways with matching elastic ribbon straps, the embossed gold foil logo also reveals a lavish feel.

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