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Gucci 2018春夏 “Hallucination幻覺“

Gucci合作2018春夏 “Hallucination幻覺“ 形象廣告的西班牙藝術家Ignasi Moreal 在品牌昨天釋出的影片中化身策展人,於Gucci Gallery親自解析其的獨特的創作手法與用色偏好。而在影片最後,Ignasi Monreal走進Sir John Everett Millais的名畫“奧菲莉雅”之中,這個莎士比亞筆下的角色由穿著Gucci金色洋裝的模特兒演繹,原先早已溺死於河中的她翩然起身,與Ignasi Moreal相擁,讓經典的悲劇有了不一樣的結局。

Debuting the Gucci Spring Summer 2018 Gucci Hallucination video, featuring the artist behind the campaign, Ignasi Monreal, who plays the curator of the Gucci Gallery showing the classic art colors in his works. He steps inside the painting inspired by ‘Ophelia’ (1852) by John Everett Millais, to reveal the details of a gold sequin dress designed by Alessandro Michele.

Art director: Christopher Simmonds Creative director: Alessandro Michele

Music: “Cavatina” di Stanley Myers (C) EMI Music Publishing Italia Srl (P) SM Publishing (Italy) Srl - Prodotto da Luca Serpenti e Giorgio Mastrocola al Serpenti Music Studio.


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