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Gucci Eyewear 即日起進駐 FRUITION

集結了最新發行的限量鞋款、質感優越的休閒衣著、以及精心挑選的香氛家飾,座落於台北東區的Fruition不僅致力於推廣獨一無二的風格選品,更有著自在舒適,讓人毫無壓力的購物氛圍。想知道他們挑選了哪些時髦女孩必備的墨鏡款式,別忘了關注Fruition官方社群唷♥ https://www.facebook.com/fruitionshop/

A refined selection of Gucci eyewear is now available at Fruition, a streetwear mainstay in Taipei caters to sophisticated, urban women with highlights of exclusively released sneakers, well-curated mix of ready-to-wear and accessories, or even fragrances and home decor. To those seeking the phenomenal shopping experience, we highly recommend this go-to destination for you.

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