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Julius Tart Optical // AR

從整體框型輪廓,至鑰匙孔中樑結構、鑽石型卯釘等細節,皆是依據 Tart 家族自五零年代存放至今的珍稀歷史檔案資料與手繪圖稿悉心製成,以嚴謹講究的純正日式工法重現絕不失誤的經典造型。Julius Tart Optical 最受歡迎的“AR” 光學眼鏡部分顏色尺寸現貨供應中,歡迎來店試戴 ♡

Adding a suave complement with these iconic AR glasses by Julius Tart Optical. The vintage-inspired keyhole bridge, the diamond rivets, and the angular detailing, all based on the preserved documentation and original archive.

Meticulously handcrafted in Japan.


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