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Julius Tart Optical // "AR" Size 48 in Black

從五零年代風靡至今的 Julius Tart Optical “AR" 光學眼鏡擁有難以被複製模仿的獨特風格。

最新上市的48尺寸適合臉部、頭部兩側較寬、或是想要 oversized 效果的佩戴者,假如有選色障礙拿不定主意,不妨試試不易出錯的經典黑,無論正裝或休閒單品都能輕鬆搭配。

Julius Tart “AR”, cue iconic design that stands the test of time and goes perfectly well with about everything. If you’re contemplating over the colors, simply go for black, because after all, it just doesn’t get any more timeless than that.


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