Kering Eyewear將全權負責Cartier眼鏡

卡地亞(Cartier),世上絕無僅有的傳奇百年珠寶商、製錶工坊,與法國精品集團開雲(Kering)隸屬眼鏡研發製造部門Kering Eyewear合作,從本季開始,Kering Eyewear將全權負責卡地亞眼鏡的研發、製造與營銷。卡地亞所屬母公司瑞士歷峰集團(Richemont)已買下Kering Eyewear少部分股權,並讓Kering Eyewear承接位於法國布里地區敘西(Sucy-en-Brie)的卡地亞眼鏡工廠,自此開展密不可分的共營計畫。

兩年前開雲集團毅然決然終止旗下品牌眼鏡的對外授權,回歸自營並成立專屬眼鏡部門 “Kering Eyewear”,在極短的時間內成功重新定位並產銷Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta...等品牌的眼鏡系列。如今兩大精品龍頭成為戰略聯盟,這樣的資源整合與協同關係絕對是業界罕見的重大突破,也為近年極為動盪的精品眼鏡市場譜寫嶄新扉頁。

傳承近兩百年的卓越品質,描繪著大自然的奧妙與敬畏,悉心保存寶石的絢麗光影,記錄著時間的推移,卡地亞同時象徵著人文美學、話題性與精湛工藝,我們非常榮幸能成為Cartier Eyewear在台灣負責策略佈局的夥伴,期待能盡快讓大家看見卡地亞與Kering Eyewear的合作成果,更多細節與資訊將於近期陸續公布:)

Maison Cartier, the incomparable fine jeweller originated from Paris has teamed up with Kering Eyewear, a key strategic initiative designed to develop in-house eyewear expertise for Kering, the French multinational luxury goods conglomerate, to launch the brand new Cartier Eyewear from this season.

Cariter’s parent company Richemont, a Switzerland-based luxury group has acquired a minority stake in Kering Eyewear, which has also integrated the Manufacture Cartier Lunettes entity in Sucy-en-Brie, France.

The strategic licensing partnership is aiming for the two luxury groups to cooperate and create a platform for product development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of Cartier Eyewear. It is the first external deal for Kering Eyewear that represents an upheaval in the rapidly changing luxury eyewear market.

With the highest quality standards, selective distribution and a brand new strategic rationale, we are more than pleased to bring you the brand new Cartier Eyewear. Please stay with us for more details to come!

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