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Maria Cornejo 配戴 MYKITA “SANNA” 光學眼鏡

美國時裝設計師協會永續委員會創始成員 Maria Cornejo 在九零年代末創立了紐約品牌 Zero + Maria Cornejo,秉持著消弭製造過剩中不必要的浪費、支持當地社群、肩負社會企業責任等核心價值,致力於為時裝產業帶來更多正面的影響。

Maria Cornejo 配戴 MYKITA LITE 板料複合材質系列 “SANNA” 光學眼鏡,這款讓人印象深刻的大尺寸鏡框擁恰到好處的設計感,輕鬆樹立個人風格。

Eliminating processes and waste, supporting local community, being mindful socially, Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)’S Sustainability Committee Maria Cornejo launched locally-manufactured New York label Zero + Maria Cornejo with responsible design and approach at its heart since the late 90s.

Maria Cornejo wears MYKITA LITE ACETATE model “SANNA” optical glasses, this oversized frame with a retro-inspired flair upholds an effortless attitude.


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