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Monochrome chic

MYKITA "Studio"系列打破無謂的限制與疆界,視創作自由度為核心主軸,如同此款大尺寸方框墨鏡,運用黑灰白撞色拼接細節配搭幾何結構,輕薄無感的不鏽鋼材質及可調整的鼻托得以讓各種臉型的配戴者皆能輕鬆駕馭,再次證明無須捨棄舒適度仍能保有堅定無懼的時髦屬性!

From MYKITA’s unique and dynamic “Studio” collection, these oversized square-frame sunnies are the ideal companion for those who are searching for irregular design. Made of lightweight stainless steel with meticulously hand lacquered details in three colors, this statement-making pair proves that you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style.


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