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MYKITA Acetate Renew 系列 // “AMARE” optical glasses

在雙眼之間創造讓人留心的灰色地帶,MYKITA Acetate Renew系列新款“AMARE”光學眼鏡使用可循環再造的永續醋酸纖維製成,寬大卻比例均衡的幾何飛行員框面能為整體造型帶來超乎想像的存在感。

Handmade in Germany 🇩🇪

Creating an intriguing grey area between the eyes, these 'AMARE' optical glasses, part of the MYKITA Acetate Renew collection, are meticulously made from recycled, sustainable materials, and feature an oversized yet well-proportioned geometric aviator shape that exudes a sophisticated aura, elevating the overall aesthetic to new heights.


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