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MYKITA “Felicia”太陽眼鏡2018限定新色“晨曦白”

相當受到歡迎的MYKITA “Felicia”太陽眼鏡推出2018年限定新色”晨曦白“,在不同觀看角度與光線下呈現出灰、白、淺粉等不同的視覺感受。發想自六零年代的大尺寸Bugeye粗框墨鏡,“Felicia"運用輕薄不鏽鋼大幅減輕佩戴者的負擔,卻仍保有讓人為之驚豔的出色風格。

Framing yourself in these “Felicia” sunnies from the latest MYKITA 2018 collection. Made from ultra lightweight stainless steel in gold and aurore, the 60s inspired bugeye shape will maximize visual impact and bring retro flair to your daily style staples.

Photographed by Mark Borthwick


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