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MYKITA “Joel” 光學眼鏡

MYKITA 中性款 “Joel” 光學眼鏡隸屬於定義了品牌起點與根基的 NO 1 系列。以日本的摺紙藝術為概念,經由工匠手工彎曲和折疊步驟製成立體結構,MYKITA NO 1 系列可輕易調整也不易鬆脫斷裂,大幅提高鏡框穩定度與舒適度。


Exuding elegance and simplicity, MYKITA “Joel” optical glasses from the No.1 collection are made into a three-dimensional structure through a series of bending and folding steps, similar to the Japanese art of origami. We love the versatility and intellectual style of it.

Color: Storm Grey


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