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MYKITA + Maison Margiela “Echo” 系列太陽眼鏡

MYKITA + Maison Margiela “Echo” 系列太陽眼鏡稍加改良防風護目鏡的前衛造型,運用多邊形輪廓形塑洗鍊線條感。框面中央的 “Mylon” 夾片能加強穩定度,更為整體造型增添攘人印象深刻的亮點。

MYKITA + maison margiela present these “MMECHO003“ sunglasses designed in a chic polygonal silhouette. Crafted from lightweight stainless steel with the unique “Mylon" clip in the middle of the frame that holds the lens to enhance stability and adds a intriguing visual effect on the shield-type shades, this distinctive and super comfortable pair will elevate your daily ensembles effortlessly.

Styled by Naiyu Yu


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