MYKITA + Maison Margiela- MMCRAFT006

“CRAFT“系列鏡框為MYKITA + Maison Margiela的長期合作關係揭開新扉頁。

精緻考究的仿舊金屬框架以MM LOGO蝕刻細節點綴其中,蘊藏了讓人一眼著迷的魅力。隱約透出光澤的淡色鏡片更呼應著Maison Margiela混沌與純粹共生的獨特視野。

The CRAFT collection opens a new chapter for MYKITA + MAISON MARGIELA. The reduced, ultra-fine construction and the engraved and lacquer-filled pattern add a sense of the extraordinary to everyday objects. Sophisticated yet refined, the lenses in lightly tinted grey further underlines the individuality of the brand.

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