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MYKITA | MONOCLE 極簡夏日聯名款 “LAMIN” 太陽眼鏡

MYKITA 在這個夏天首度與全球性議題媒體 MONOCLE 跨界聯名。來自英國的 MONOCLE 雜誌透過刊物與數位社群平台,致力於推廣關於商業、設計、生活風格與文化等相關內容。MONOCLE 也自營實體及線上選物店 MONOCOLE SHOP,為眼光獨到的顧客提供精心挑選的時裝、配件、香氛保養與家飾,並與品牌推出限量聯名商品

MYKITA | MONOCLE 的合作源自於品牌雙方對於工藝、設計與創新的深切共識,進而催生 ‘Lamin’ 這款風格獨特卻經典的鏡框。擁有大尺寸矩型輪廓,使用永續板材Acetate Renew材質製成,並搭配MYKITA專利ENDURA鉸鏈提高配戴穩定度, 兼具造型感與實用機能

MYKITA | MONOCLE 獨家配色: 琥珀棕板料配冷灰色鏡片,橄欖綠板料搭配咖啡色鏡片,霧灰色板料搭配深綠色鏡片

MYKITA teams up with MONOCLE, a leading media brand renowned for its quality content covering global affairs, design, business, lifestyle, and culture through print and digital platforms. MONOCLE also has brick-and-mortar and online retail that offer a curated selection of daily essentials for discerning customers, as well as collaborations with niche brands from around the world.

The MYKITA | MONOCLE collaboration brings together two brands with a deep shared appreciation for craftsmanship, excellent design, and innovation. The result is 'Lamin', a bold yet classic pair that delivers versatility and effortless style, crafted from sustainable Acetate Renew and completed with the patented ENDURA hinge for an optimal tailored fit.

Customized colourways: Galapagos with Cool Grey Solid lenses, Peridot with Brown Solid lenses, and Chilled Raw Clear Ash with Raw Green Solid lenses.

Exclusively available at MYKITA SHOP TAIPEI and selective retailers


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