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MYKITA STUDIO 6.1 大尺寸輕量圓框

MYKITA STUDIO 6.1 大尺寸輕量圓框太陽眼鏡以單鏡橋設計提點強烈造型感,透過特殊表面處理技術與分毫不差的刻蝕工序,形塑漆面與霧光兩種對比鮮明的質地,精準呈現猶如歐普藝術作品的童趣視覺效果。

Fusing the past with present, MYKITA STUDIO 6.1 in Shiny Black/White takes on a retro round silhouette with high mono bridge detail to add on an unconventional twist. Ultra-fine etched lines that follow the exact contour of the frame create a three-dimensional graphic pattern.

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