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MYKITA Studio 7.1 方框墨鏡

關於墨鏡挑選這件事,“輕量”和“時髦”都是難以被割捨的要件。MYKITA Studio 7.1 方框墨鏡運用極細不鏽鋼邊框描繪比例均衡的簡練輪廓,鏡腳末端板材細節可依頭型調整,繽紛亮彩糖果色鏡片內部塗有抗反射鍍膜,大幅提升舒適度之餘也為整體造型帶來令人眼睛為之一亮的可看性!

If you’re looking for a comfortable yet chic pair of sunnies that feel like you’re literally wearing nothing, these MYKITA Studio 7.1 are the answer. Made of ultra lightweight stainless steel with functional details in acetate and anti-reflective inner coating, MYKITA Studio 7.1 defines contemporary aesthetic by pairing the understated squared shape with candy-color lenses.


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