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MYKITA Studio 7.1 果凍粉色方框墨鏡

MYKITA STUDIO 7.1 果凍粉色方框墨鏡是本季必定要大膽嘗試的單品。摒除繁瑣多餘的細節,回歸簡潔純粹的設計本質面,意想不到的輕盈與穩定度更是它輕鬆勝任夏日造型主力的原因。

Chic shape, crisp color, MYKITA STUDIO 7.1 in Jelly Pink is the highlight of the season. We adore the clean and minimal design approach, the lightness and resilience also make it super versatile.

Photo Credit: NYLON JAPAN


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