MYKITA STUDIO 9.1淚滴型飛行員墨鏡

MYKITA STUDIO 9.1結合淚滴型飛行員框面與格外細緻的鏡架,每個角度都能看出比例精確的結構呈現,亮銀色金屬邊框與淺灰透色鏡片相得益彰。鏡框中樑點綴直向石榴色板料細節,增添別樹一幟的裝飾性。

Incorporating oversized shape and slender steel constructions, MYKITA STUDIO 9.1 channels the high-octane heritage of teardrop aviators with right-on-spot proportions and intricate double-bridge detailing to add a touch of whimsy. The shiny silver metal silhouette goes perfectly well with the grayish tinted lenses, while the unexpected, precious color elements in Garnet acetate made this pair sophisticatedly adorned.