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MYKITA “Tilla” 多角型墨鏡

層次豐富的酒紅與絢麗耀眼的金色邊框形成極為相稱的對比,MYKITA 新款 “ Tilla” 多角形太陽眼鏡凸顯精湛繁複的刻蝕漆釉工藝,細膩精巧的細節呈現能為整體造型注入更多可看性。

The richness of the red balances the brightness of the gold, MYKITA “Tilla” in Champagne Gold/Cranberry is timeless, bold, and undeniably charming at the same time. Accented with the precisely-etched lacquer in the front, the sophisticated details of this distinctive pair create a staggering, sensational symphony.


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