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德國視覺藝術家 Wolfgang Tilmans 以影像創作為載體,傳遞他對人文社會與政治面的強烈關切。他認為攝影應該成為力量、構築思想,藉由觀察與記錄來探究事物的本質,反應周遭環境的走向與變化。無論攝影主體是街景、肖像、靜物、或是抽象的概念傳遞,Wolfgang Tilmans 堅持不對作品進行沒有必要的數位後製,希望透過最真實的畫面讓觀者得以參與快門按下的那一瞬間,以類比的純粹感受他眼底的世界。

性格激進而又無比真摯,Wolfgang Tilmans 持續以作品激起反思與提問,關於戰爭、關於難民、關於社會運動、經濟危機,抑或是新銳次文化思潮,那些容易被貼上標籤加以檢視的,都是他關心的一切。

Wolfgang Tilmans 於2000年榮獲英國當代藝術大獎 Turner Prize, 他也是第一位以攝影為媒材,也是第一位非英國籍獲得該獎項的藝術家。2015年,他成為哈蘇國際攝影獎得主,而後於2017年成立 Between Bridges 非營利基金會,持續為 LGBTQ+ 平權運動、藝術、與民主盡一份心力。

Wolfgang Tilmans在接受英國 i-D 雜誌採訪時配戴 MYKITA LESSRIM系列 “Masao” 單鏡橋光學鏡框,造型極簡卻具有強烈存在感。

Being widely regarded as one of the most influential visual artists of our time, German photographer Wolfgang Tilmans’ picture making process is always intertwined with social and political concerns.

His works address his ideology, reflect the milieu around him(us), spanning from street photography, portraits, still life, landscape to abstraction. By not doing retouching additions in his work, Wolfgang Tilmans insists that what you see somehow was in front of the lens. He wants people to trust this as a basic given.

You’ll find the radical and sincere messages lie within: wars, refugee crisis, political movements, economy, or emerging subculture, layers and layers of contemporary life, seen from myriad angles.

In 2000 Wolfgang Tilmans became the first non-British artist and the first photographer to win the Turner Prize, and he was a recipient of the Hasselblad Award in 2015. In 2017 he founded the Between Bridges Foundation, an non-profit organization that aims to support LGBTQ+ rights, arts and democracy.

Wolfgang Tilmans was spotted wearing MYKITA Lessrim “Masao” optical glasses in an interview for i-D magazine


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