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Sauvage Eyewear 🇫🇷🇯🇵 Designed in Paris and Tokyo, handcrafted in Japan.

以高品質且永續環保的 Takiron 板材手工打磨製成,“Sauvage Eyewear”具備純正日製技藝,更有著讓人驚艷的時髦設計。這款“Mikado"光學眼鏡選用罕見的“櫻花色“板料,黑玳瑁紋路留白部分點綴透桃紅,輕鬆為整體穿搭塑造亮點。

These “Mikado” optical glasses are made from high-quality and environmentally friendly Takiron acetate in “Sakura Tortoise”. It fuses black with transparent fuchsia, that pop of colors will transform any looks effortlessly.


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