Julius Tart - AR

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Julius Tart Optical 熱賣款 “AR” 光學眼鏡追加到貨。其中最為暢銷的46尺寸適合大部分臉型的佩戴者,沿用Tart 家族珍稀歷史檔案資料與手稿,並以嚴謹日製工法分毫不差地重現雋永經典的造型感。

【 黑/透明/灰色透明/棕色透明/香檳黃 】多色現貨供應中,歡迎私訊詢問。

Julius Tart “AR" in size 46, the most iconic eyewear classic that effortlessly elevates a pared-down wardrobe.

Handcrafted in Japan based on the preserved documentation and original archive.

Available in Black, Clear Crystal, Grey Crystal, Brown Crystal, and Champagne.

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