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Focal Piece of the month: New Year Eclectic


迎向未知,接受各種挑戰與冒險,面對嶄新的一年,最難能可貴的莫過於絕不設限的堅定信念。在心智上,在造型上, 唯有值得留下印象的才能成為勝出的條件,我們將範圍縮減至象徵著幸運與積極的金色與紅色,而選擇權,當然保留給你。


戴上Alexander McQueen,便能在專屬於自己的舞台上找到發光發熱的位置。這款大尺寸圓框墨鏡以穿環卯丁細節定義了不能妥協的反叛精神,讓心中的搖滾巨星夢得到釋放。


MYKITA X MAISON MARGIELA “Craft”系列鏡框發想自Maison Margiela伸展台上的鏤空細節。將強韌的不鏽鋼材透過縝密的加工方式,全手工於柏林製造,結實的架構猶如物件骨幹,兼顧極致工藝與極簡美學,完美刻畫Maison Margiela別樹一幟的藝術視野。



To be adventurous. To be bold. To be eclectic. With the beginning of the new year, why not opting for extravagance with a hint of red and gold? 

Portraying your inner rockstar tendency with these Alexander McQueen sunglasses and paring them with leather ensembles. The layered piercing brow bar and spikes stud hinge details are unconventionally designed for a striking look.

Boasting a distinctive silhouette, these MYKITA X MAISON MARGIELA “Craft” sunglasses are meticulously handcrafted in Berlin. The side-shield details are a reference to the décortiqué technique seen on the runway whereby layers are removed to expose the naked framework of a garment.

MYKITA teams up with cult design label Ambush to create an extraordinary piece. The resulting sunglass frame “Verbal” exudes all the independent mindedness and willingness to push the envelope that both brands are known for. Equipped with reversed (selfie friendly!) mirrored lenses with a hefty top bar sits atop round inspired from toy blocks of childhood memories, the inverted perspective of VERBAL turns the world upside down with pop art aesthetic.

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