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Natural Accordance- Gold&Wood Eyepieces

“Wood is universally beautiful to man. It is the most humanly intimate of all materials.”

- Frank Lloyd Wright



- 建築思想家 法蘭克洛伊萊特



即便工序繁瑣,在每只鏡框的生產過程中Gold&Wood堅守零污染、零浪費的不二準則, 在視線所觸及的每個細節皆體現其專注完美的嚴苛標準,因為“永續經營”才是凌駕於一切之上的核心價值。


Titan 04

以超輕量日本鈦金屬做為骨幹,配上專利熱壓技術製成的原木層片,勾勒懷舊而洗練的框型線條,只要戴上便能深切感受其與眾不同的型格態度 。

Twenty Neo

十足亮眼的正紅色原木為歷久彌新的Wayfarer框型帶來煥然一新的視覺效果, 內夾鋁片強化結構性,並搭配有效消除眩光的水銀偏光鏡片,讓出外旅遊的日子毫無後顧之憂。

Mizar 02


Gold & Wood draws its strength in craftsmanship and know-how heritage recognized from 20 years - the designs are intended to withstand the test of time.

Using precious and exotic woods, only taken from authorized and supervised plantations from different African countries, Brazil and Canada, blending the organic forms of wood with aluminum, Japanese titanium, or cellulose acetate for a refined and distinguished approach, Gold&Wood continues to epitomize an unconditional love for natural materials through their meticulously handcrafted eyepieces.


Step by step, frame by frame, each pair of Gold&Wood frame is designed to minimize ecological impact, undergoing numerous manufacturing practices from non-toxic dyes to the strict protocols for waste management, which is congruent with the brand core value: Socially responsible for a creative process.

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Titan 04

A bold modern style that looks even better when you put it on.  The “Titan” collection combines lightweight Japanese Titanium with laminated wood sheets.  The result demonstrates a classic sensibility and modern profile. 

Twenty Neo

Embodying timeless elegance, these classic wayfarer shades never go out of style. The insertion of aluminum enhances rigidity to the frame, which provides ultimate comfort and excellent fit.

Mizar 02

A mixture of contemporary and classic silhouettes. “Mizar” will instill an intellectual impression to your daily edit. The color-blocking details, the cut-out design on the bridge complete a discerning connoisseur profile.

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