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LPLR Eyewear - CKRAST in Kaki & Glacier

LPLR Eyewear 熱賣款 “Ckrast” 光學眼鏡別出心裁的幾何飛行員框第一眼就很有存在感,本季新色卡其綠(Kaki)和冰川藍(Glacier)。色彩繽紛卻不過分鮮豔飽和,展現不落俗套的品味,為即將來臨的燦爛夏日做好準備

Handmade in France 🇫🇷 

These 'Ckrast' optical glasses from La petite lunette rouge are a statement piece with their geometric aviator silhouette, now available in the new colors of Kaki and Glacier. These fresh hues are vibrant yet not excessively bold, making them unconventional and perfect styling companions for the upcoming season.


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