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著眼於圓形的不同詮釋,MYKITA Studio 6.4以特殊粉末表面處理技術與耗時繁複的刻蝕工序描繪具有強烈差異性的對比線條。獨具特色的圓弧雙鏡橋細節更是值得玩味的巧思所在 。

MYKITA always reinterprets classic round style with an unconventional twist. These “Studio 6.4” optical glasses is no exception. Rendered in a geometric form with unique powder coating for a contrasting play on textures, this distinctive pair is further punctuated with ultra fine etched lines and double bridge details to add on a sculptural profile.

Speical thanks to Shadow Wu and

Featuring Nasomatto Baraonda eau de parfum by Art Haus Taiwan

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