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PARASITE // VECTOR 1 in Ruthenium/Khaki

以不設限的創意描繪對於近未來的想像,來自法國眼鏡品牌 PARASITE 運用高品質物料與現代生產方針,開創別樹一幟的前衛風格。新款 VECTOR 1 光學鏡框以雙色輕量不鏽鋼塑造視覺層次,格外引人注目的幾何切割縷空細節具有強烈存在感。

Adding a futuristic spin to the eyewear category, PARASITE incorporates the finest quality materials and the most modern methods of production to create spectacles with original and innovative design.

These “VECTOR 1” optical glasses in Ruthenium/Khaki are made from lightweight stainless steel, the geometric, structural cut-out details reveal a compelling presence.

Handmade in France 🇫🇷


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