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Sauvage Eyewear // Concierge

由巴黎與東京團隊共同開發的Sauvage Eyewear推出新款光學眼鏡“Concierge”, 藉由經典Panto皇冠形框面與具有雕塑感的輪廓線條充分體現對於設計細節的重視。

As seen on: Sauvage Eyewear 創意總監/設計師 Tommy O'Gara


Soaking in the attention to detail, these “Concierge” optical glasses by Sauvage Eyewear showcase subtle yet refined design.

Rendered in a classic panto shape, characterized by the unique sculptural silhouette, this pair will complement your daily edits with an elevated finishing touch.

As seen on Tommy O’Gara, creative director and designer of Sauvage Eyewear


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