Visionaries Series - Vol. 5 - Joyce Chang

工作足跡遍佈世界各地的Joyce Chang張珮蓁是一名專業造型師,試想,能夠幫桂綸鎂、Janet、徐若瑄、渡邊直美找尋合適的服飾,因應各種場合與需求應該是份夢幻至極的工作?然而直率的Joyce卻直言造型師應該是這世上最容易讓別人產生誤解的職業。挑選、商借、購買、配搭單品完全只造型師眾多職責中的區區一小部分,該如何呈現導演或攝影師所需要的視覺元素;與時裝設計師、品牌、媒體、模特兒經紀公司、化妝師、髮型師之間密不可分的合作與溝通,這些龐大卻繁雜的面向事實上才是造型師真實身份。

在Max Pittion與JEpoque合作的視覺企劃”Visionaries Series” 第五章,我們訪問了合作多年的好朋友Joyce,藉由她的故事,我們對造型師的職責有了更深一層的了解,在此與大家分享:)
Photographed by : aihciy

Joyce Chang has worked with some of the biggest names in Taiwan and Shanghai as a professional stylist, we're talking everyone from Gwei Lun-Mei, Janet Hsieh Vivian Hsu, tons of other red carpet regulars or even Watanabe Naomi. Well, dressing celebrities for a living and getting paid for it might sound like the best thing ever, but it’s actually one of the most misunderstood jobs of all the vocations. All those behind-the-scenes works including conceptualizing and developing visuals, sourcing clothing and accessories for movies, advertising campaigns or particular individuals, liaising with directors, photographers brands, fashion designers, retailers, the media, model agencies, makeup artists, hairdressers…will never be completed without hands-on hard works, an organized personality and impeccable communication skills.

In Max Pittion’s Visionaries Series Vol.5, we chatted with our long-time friend Joyce Chang to find out what courses to take to become a fashion stylist.

Being a stylist is like a magician, you have to make ideas coming out of nothing. Magically coming up with styles that the clients enjoy and feel confident with.

Occasionally, when I meet clients that have their own sense of fashion, or paticular kind of style, I have to somehow use my professional knowledge to try and figure out a way that both sides are happy with.

I’ve always had an overwhelming interests towards arts, fashion and art magazines are my go-to, and sensitivity towards these areas have been cultivated since then.

Being a stylist means that having the ability to explore the potential traits of your clients is crucial. To find a style that suits them and even create a wow factor.

Efficiency is definitely my priority, I tend to prepare before hand for everything I do, this is also a tactic agreement between our team.

I’ve collected over a hundred pairs of glasses due to interest and work. The style of the frame is my no.1 priority. And this Max Pittion sunglasses leaves a strong first impression with its unique shade of gradient fuchsia.

Every single cooperation leaves something memorable for me, I still remember when I worked with Director Chen Hung-Yi, he tested my ability on the spot. My mission was to mix and combine the materials on set to suit his needs, and it was a really different experience.

I always get a sense of accomplishment when I see the ads or movies that I worked with are finally exposed. Seeing my hand picked pieces worn by the artists is yet another highlight.

To be honest, the life of a stylist is nothing too exciting, but I’m still enjoying it a lot. I start off my day mostly with a workout, head to the office and check through the clothes, head out to hopefully find some nice pieces and finish my day with absorbing some fashion news.

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