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謝謝每一位在這路上陪伴著我們的你,新年快樂 ♡♡

This year is going by too quickly.

We know it’s hard for many of us to find nice words to talk about 2021, the society and our lives were on pause, plans were halted or postponed, and we felt that time has been distorted.

But it was also the perfect timing for us to reflect on the lessons that we learned, remember the best and worst, and we start contemplating what we can do better, with gratitude.

Taking time to enjoy the simplest happiness in life, to soak in what we have, to be strong, to be inspired, to be ready for being pushed creatively to new heights.

Thank you for your part in our journey, may the new year bring you an abundance of happiness and blessings ♡♡


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