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Blake Kuwahara // Chambers in Crystal

以繁複而耗時的工藝技術,將原先對比分明的黑框與透明板料合而為一,Blake Kuwhara 最具代表性的“框中框"設計,在形式與結構之間探索更多可能性。這款“Chambers”光學眼鏡加寬的框面大器又有型,具有建築感的切角與弧線能夠凸顯五官輪廓,達到修飾臉型的效果。

As seen on:最佳代言人 視光博士 Blake Kuwhara

Bringing refined flair to any attire, these “Chambers” optical glasses by Blake Kuwahara are handcrafted with a laborious construction process which seamlessly fuses two separate pieces into one. Rendered in a broad, oversized rectangular shape, this distinctive pair is simultaneously charismatic and timeless, it’s the ultimate choice that you’ll turn to from season to season.

As seen on Dr. Blake Kuwahara, the creative mind behind the brand.


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