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Blake Kuwahara // Gwathmey Optical Glasses

拿起 Blake Kuwahara 的鏡框時,總是會被它別出心裁的設計概念深深吸引。像是這款“Gwathmey”光學眼鏡,利用質感優異的酒紅色金屬邊框結合了內外兩種截然不同的輪廓線條,並搭配同色系板料鏡腳,可輕易經由調整達到最貼合臉型的狀態。


As seen on: KIMU design studio | 柒木設計 創辦人 Kelly Lin

Enhance your gaze with these “Gwathmey” glasses designed by Dr.Blake Kuwahara, an unique pair which was crafted by hand with laborious construction process that can take up to nine months.

Defined by the distinctive frame-within-a-frame concept that seamlessly merged the inner shape and outer form, this pair will inject your look with an instant style.


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