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Blake Kuwahara // Owings in Midnight

擅長運用與眾不同的極簡美學形塑特有風格,視光醫師Blake Kuwhara獨一無二的設計語彙總是讓人深深著迷。“Owings” 光學眼鏡在黑色方框外側包覆一層流線透明版料,揭露明與暗、內與外的層次感,讓差異並存共生、交融互補。

Finding balance between distinctive design and minimal aesthetic, these “Owings” optical glasses by Blake Kuwahara are rooted in simplicity with clean lines and monochrome colors while the “Frame-within-a-frame” concept truly makes an effortless statement.

Handmade in Japan 🇯🇵


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