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Cartier “Santos” 飛行員造型光學眼鏡

積極關注流行趨勢脈動的你/妳,自然會留意到這幾季一再被提及的飛行員造型光學眼鏡。從秀場到紅毯,這樣的框型線條已成輕鬆升級品味的必備利器。Cartier "Santos"系列飛行員造型光學眼鏡細緻的輪廓格外簡練有型,釕金與亮金雙色電鍍細節值得考究,不容小覷的時髦感能為整體造型增添不少可看性。

A sleek pair of aviator glasses are trendier than ever! From front row to red carpet, this kind of universally flattering silhouette proves that four eyes are better than two.

From the "Santos de Cartier" line that pays homage to Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, this nonchalant-chic pair are our recent fav! The smooth ruthenium and golden two-tone finish will impart instant glamor to your everyday looks effortlessly.


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